Join Our Mission and Help Us Recycle Your Kids' Clothes


Our mission is to keep the world blooming.  And we need you and your family's help to accomplish our mission by returning your used clothes back to Bloom Moda! 

Together we can reduce fashion waste and extend the life of your children's clothes.  Shop for brand new clothes, and return the garments once your children outgrow them or when the season changes.

Your family will start the garment's story, and we'll ensure it carries on by re-purposing it for resale, donating it, or recycling it.  Your return can help a family in need or become the soft cushion of a sofa in another family's home.

Join us on our mission!


How It Works

How it works - step 1: shop online at bloom moda

Shop for new clothes that are in-season from your favorite brands

How it works - step 2: have fun wearing the clothes from Bloom Moda

Have fun wearing them and looking stylish as a family

How it works - step 3: return the clothes even if torn back to bloom moda

Return them when done, even if torn, and we’ll pay for the shipping*

How it works - step 4: save money on your future purchases
Receive a discount towards future purchases when you return at least 4 items
*Must send at least 4 items for free shipping


How much you can save

You can save money when you shop with Bloom Moda.  The sooner you return items, the more you save!

Return items within:
Receive a discount of:
0 - 3 months 
3 - 6 months
6 - 9 months
More than 9 months